ilc 4

Invitation to the 4th InterLaboratory Comparison

Invitation to the 4th InterLaboratory Comparison

Spectrometer Information

BBI, BBO, TBI, cryo-probe, cold probe, etc.
Larmor frequency for 1H

Affiliation Information

Shipment Information

Contact Person
if differnt from Affiliation of the PI
Used for the samples shipment if different from Affiliation address
  1. By submitting this application, I ask for activation/confirmation of the online NMR Spectrometer Profile to be used for participation in NMR Interlaboratory Comparisons organized by Innovative Solutions S.r.l. (IS-NMR-ILC).
  2. By submitting this application, I ask for participation in the IS-NMR-ILC 001_2022 by using the NMR spectrometer indicated above.
  3. I am aware that:
    1. activation of the NMR Spectrometer Profile is free of charge;
    2. participation in IS-NMR-ILCs requires compliance with the “IS-NMR-ILC Scheme” and with the “Call for participation” of the comparison.
  4. Moreover, I declare that PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR or the Affiliated Institution will never demand economic contribution for any reason related to its registration in the Interlaboratory Comparison platform of Innovative Solutions S.r.l.
  5. By submitting this application, I authorize Innovative Solutions S.r.l. to share NMR data, either entirely or partly, with third parties provided that the identity of my laboratory remains undisclosed.

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Melbourne, Australia
(Sat - Thursday)
(10am - 05 pm)